Tyler E Morrison

     Since I was just 8 years old I can remember being fascinated with the ability to create wealth. I remember drawing up my first business plan as an 8 year old to sell cups of fruit punch in my neighborhood. The most exciting and thrilling part for me was probably calculating my profit margins on my plan, of course at that point I had no idea that’s what I was actually calculating. From this experience, I was able to learn the very basics of business, even at that young age. This would inspire me to continue studying business and entrepreneurship up until today.

     Continuing with that passion of “creating something out of nothing” I quickly began to teach myself how to code websites at 11 years old. This allowed me to expand my creative mind and start bringing  ideas from my head into actual “virtual” products. From here the inner entrepreneur in me began to develop.

     In 2012, while working my first job at a retail store, I began coding a mobile app on the side, to help my friend and I get more followers on social media. What started as a fun little project  quickly grew into a booming success. The app began to grow faster than I could manage, even with no marketing on my part. My app soon hit the Android Market’s (now called Google Play) Top 50 Fastest Grossing Apps list.

     I quickly learned about my target demographic and decided to implement different features that would allow me to monetize my app. Over the next 3 years I would learn the power and importance of passive income as I consistently received checks every month from my app, even when living outside of the United States and unable to actively work on it. My app currently has over 113,000 downloads, and while it’s now far from its “hay-day” the priceless lessons I learned stick with my today.

     Over the last 4 and a half years I have been studying, business, entrepreneurship and successful individuals. I’ve had some failures and I’ve had some successes. I’ve been able to see and pin point a lot of my weaknesses and focus on improving them. I hope you join me on my journey so we can grow, learn and be successful together.

     Success to me is not solely defined by your net worth or your quarterly report. While those indicators are very important, I am looking for success in all aspects of my life. My complete desire and focus is to be successful in the following areas:

1.  Healthy deep relationships with those I love

2. A solid relationship with God that is full of faith

3. Proper physical health to attain my desired physique

4. Increasing my knowledge and understanding everyday

5. Have a large net worth as a result from the businesses I build while I live my passion for entrepreneurship